Frequently Asked Questions

Kelly Mooney Photography: Business Photography FAQ

Depending on your project’s scope, we have packages that are designed to get you great quantity and quality from your session experience. Ask for details and package information HERE.

Let us do the work for you!  We have an efficient turnkey system that ensures a smooth scheduling process for multiple individuals. Each person who signs up for a time slot will receive a friendly email reminder before your shoot, and a magazine packed with tips on what to wear and how to prepare. We take the stress out of coordination, so your team can look forward to a fun and professional shoot.

For a coordinated look, consider using brand colors or a cohesive color palette. We’re here to help create a style guide that ensures everyone feels comfortable and looks unified. This approach allows individual personalities to shine while maintaining a professional and cohesive team image.

With today’s dynamic job market, we understand team compositions change. We offer innovative solutions for your team photo pages that capture your team’s spirit without needing everyone in the same image. Whether you choose to create a unique About Us page, or want to have us use a little Photoshop magic to make it appear as everyone is in the same shot, our creative Pinterest boards are full of ideas to keep your team’s portrayal fresh and adaptable.

Absolutely! Local sessions are considered anything that takes place in the greater Portland/Vancouver area. For sessions beyond the local (including Salem, Eugene, etc) or Washington, California, or beyond, we’re ready to come to you. Travel fees apply, but we strive to keep them reasonable. We love exploring new locations and bringing our photography magic to your doorstep.

Yes, our collaboration with top-notch stylists ensures your whole team will look fantastic. They’re experts in translating your brand and personality into a visual style. Trust us, a little professional touch goes a long way in making your photos stand out!

Our pre-session storyboarding is like a fun brainstorming session. We’ll talk about your brand, your messaging and your objectives, and start crafting a plan that ensures we’ll get all the shots you need for your marketing and outreach.  If you wish, we’ll gladly put together specific boards for:

  • Recommended color palettes for team wardrobe
  • Shot lists, to ensure we don’t miss a single image on session day; and
  • Storyboards, featuring sample images that we find online, to serve as a visual guide during our shoot. This helps make sure we are attuned to the colors, editing and composition that will work best for your business. 

Capturing your real team adds authenticity, and we have great experience at helping unseasoned, inexperienced subjects feel great in front of the lens. Should you need, though, we have resources to find models who will fit into your budget and time constraints.

Definitely! We specialize in creating a uniform look for your brand, no matter where your offices are located. Our detailed notes and photo diagrams ensure any professional photographer can replicate the style we set, maintaining consistency across your global presence.

Expect to see your proofs within a swift 48 hours, as we know you’re excited to see the results. After you make your selections, we’ll get right to work on the final touches. Our goal is to get your retouched images back to you ASAP.

Let’s break it down: Copyright releases, while extensive, come with a significantly higher price tag. They give you complete control over the images. However, most clients find that usage rights releases, allowing the use of images for specific purposes, are just what they need. We’re here to guide you to the best choice for your unique needs.

We securely store your photos for at least three years. Whether it’s for a throwback post or a future project, rest assured, we’ve got your images safe and sound.

Life is unpredictable, and we get that. If plans change more than a week in advance, there’s no stress – we reschedule without fuss. For those last-minute hiccups within 24 hours, we retain the deposit to keep things fair for all our clients. And for those unexpected rainy days, we reschedule outdoor shoots at no extra cost.

Only the proofs come with watermarks – consider them a sneak peek. The final images you receive will be pristine and watermark-free, ready for you to use and share. We deliver them electronically via for your convenience.

Yes, and we love the variety! Our gear is ready for any setting, ensuring quality photos whether in the comfort of an office or the vibrancy of the outdoors. We’re all about capturing the perfect shot in the perfect spot.