Kelly Mooney Photography: Business Session Process

Dive into the heart of your brand with Kelly Mooney Photography, where we bring your business identity to life through vivid, storytelling images. Here’s how we make your brand shine:

Custom Professional Headshots:
Whether shooting with a backdrop, or using your environment as the setting, your session will be designed to reflect your brand’s personality, ensuring each headshot captures each individual’s personality, while still presenting as a cohesive team. .

Vibrant Team Portraits: Your team’s spirit is the core of your business. I capture this essence in a setting that narrates your company’s story, adding a personal touch to your professional image. One thing to note: I also can make some great recommendations on how to create an integrated “team” page without necessarily having everyone under the same roof.  Ask me about my distance-branding options! 

Authentic Workplace Photography: I immerse myself in your space to capture genuine, candid moments, offering a glimpse into the soul of your company’s daily life.

Engaging Meeting Photos: Capturing the essence of collaboration, these photos serve various promotional purposes, highlighting your team’s synergy.

I tailor each session to showcase what makes your company unique, focusing on authenticity and connection.


Navigating Your Business Photography Session

Each session is a new adventure. Here’s how we make it happen:

Initial Contact: Reach out in any way you prefer – phone, email, or social media.

Schedule a Zoom Call:  Understanding your brand and goals is crucial. This step ensures the photography aligns with your brand identity and messaging strategy. We discuss your ideas and I’ll propose a concept that aligns with your brand and budget. 

Session Plan: When appropriate, we’ll design a session plan complete with a vision board, shot list and even a color story for your team to follow.  We’ll tweak that plan until it’s just right, ensuring you know what to expect before we walk through your doors. 

Logistics: We’ll finalize dates, locations, and other details. Whether you need hair and makeup services, special settings outside of your office, or a custom booking page to enable team members to sign up for time slots, we’re here to help create a seamless and fun experience for everyone. 

The Shoot: We arrive with all the gear necessary, and set up quickly so we can get right to work, creating as little disruption to your company’s day as possible. 

Proofing: You’ll quickly receive your proofs, so you can make your selections and share those choices back for final retouching.

The Delivery:  We hand retouch your images and deliver electronically, so you can put the assets to work right away. We provide clear, uncomplicated usage rights, allowing you to use the images across various platforms without additional licensing concerns.

At Kelly Mooney Photography, we prioritize creating a comfortable, engaging experience, ensuring the final images not only meet but exceed your expectations, embodying your brand’s values and ethos.