Professional Hair & Makeup Services
(Prices start at $50)

Many of our clients leverage professional styling services prior to their sessions. Our experienced partners will ensure that you are relaxed and prepared to look great in front of the camera; it will also give you an added boost of confidence, which really helps if having your photos ranks right up there with seeing the dentist. Depending on your needs, we have stylists who will meet at our studio or at your location. Likewise, we can schedule your visit with a local partner salon that offers a range of polished and camera-ready looks.

Hair & Makeup Tips:


Foundation: Avoid heavy foundations or tinted bases. Make sure your makeup is blended to ensure a smooth, natural look between your jaw and neckline.

Lip Color: Consider starting your session with a neutral lip, but bring brighter color to create a more dramatic look later in the session.

Shaving/Stubble: Make sure you’re freshly shaved or groomed, as five o’clock shadow is nearly

impossible to remove in post-production. If you want to create two distinct looks, feel free to bring a razor and shave in the middle of the session, to get one bearded and one fresh-face look.

Hair: If your hairstyle permits, start with hair down and loose, and then pull hair back mid-way during the session to create a different look.

Touch Ups: Bring your favorite grooming staplea including: powder, hairbrush and spray; makeup wipes, and even your favorite lotion, as a little extra moisture on the face can give it a healthy glow.

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