Kelly Mooney Photography: Your Actor Headshot Journey

Hi there! I’m Kelly, and I’m here to navigate you through a headshot session that’s as much about capturing your range as an actor as it is about showcasing your unique personality. At Kelly Mooney Photography, we’re dedicated to delivering headshots that not only open doors in the industry but also truly represent you.

Step 1: Let’s Connect

  • Get in Touch: Reach out via any method that’s convenient for you. I’m all set to hear your story.
  • Vision and Character Types: Share the types of roles you’re aiming for and the character vibes you want to emanate. Whether it’s leading roles, character parts, or commercial looks, we’ll tailor the session to your acting goals.
  • Purpose and Use: Discuss where these headshots will be used, from agency boards to casting calls, ensuring they serve your career effectively.

Step 2: Planning Your Unique Session

  • Character Deep-Dive: During our Zoom call, we’ll dive deep into character types and the specific image you want to portray, ensuring your headshots resonate with casting directors.
  • Personalized Session Blueprint: You’ll receive a detailed plan, including wardrobe and location options that align with the characters you’re targeting.

Step 3: Capturing Your Versatility

  • Ideal Backdrop: We’ll select a location that complements the various facets of your acting range, from dramatic to comedic.
  • Comfortable Atmosphere: Expect a supportive environment where we focus on bringing out your best, varied expressions suitable for different roles.
  • Dynamic Range: Our aim is to capture the breadth of your acting skills, ensuring we get the perfect shots for each character type you’re pursuing.

Step 4: Collaboration and Selection

  • Agent Collaboration: Understanding the unique dynamics of the industry, we’re more than happy to send proofs directly to your agent for review. Experience shows that agents often have a keen eye for the headshots that work best in the market.
  • Selection Process: You and your agent can select the images that best suit your professional needs and the types of roles you’re seeking.

Step 5: Final Touches and Delivery

  • Expert Retouching: Chosen shots will be professionally retouched, highlighting your features while maintaining natural authenticity.
  • Efficient Delivery: Your final, polished headshots will be sent electronically, ready to make an impact in the industry.
  • Full Usage Freedom: With unrestricted usage rights, you can use your headshots across various platforms, from digital to print.

Eager to Begin?

Thank you for considering Kelly Mooney Photography for your actor headshots. I’m thrilled at the prospect of working together to create headshots that not only meet the industry standards but also capture the essence of who you are as an actor. Let’s bring your characters to life!