Kelly Mooney Photography: Model Portfolio Session Guide

Hi there! I’m Kelly, and I’m here to help you create or enhance your model portfolio with images that capture your versatility and unique look. At Kelly Mooney Photography, we understand the importance of a portfolio that stands out. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refresh your book, we’re dedicated to crafting images that propel your modeling career forward.

Step 1: Initial Connection

  • Reach Out: Contact me via your preferred method. I’m excited to start this creative journey with you.
  • Agency Collaboration or Personal Vision: Whether you want to align with your agency’s portfolio needs or have a personal theme in mind, I’m here to adapt. We can directly consult with your agency to understand the types of images they envision for your portfolio or work closely with you to bring your own vision to life.

Step 2: Tailored Planning

  • Wardrobe Consultation: Styling is key to a successful model portfolio session. We’ll discuss wardrobe options in detail, ensuring each outfit enhances the shoot’s theme and your personal brand.
  • Hair and Makeup Discussion: Your preferences for hair and makeup are essential. We’ll plan these elements to complement each look, ensuring you feel confident and camera-ready.
  • Storyboarding and Location Scouting: Together, we’ll storyboard the session and scout locations that best fit the planned themes, ensuring a variety of backdrops that showcase your adaptability.

Step 3: Capturing Your Range

  • Dynamic Shoot: On the day of the shoot, we’ll work through the storyboard, capturing a range of looks from high fashion to commercial and lifestyle, ensuring your portfolio is diverse.
  • Guidance for Newcomers: If this is your first portfolio, worry not! I’ll guide you through the basics and ensure we capture essential “digitals” – simple, straightforward shots that agencies use to see your natural look without heavy styling or makeup. These are crucial for casting directors to view your versatility and natural appearance.

Step 4: Collaboration in Selection

  • Agent Input: Finished images can be shared with your agency, allowing them to have a say in the final selection. Their expertise often brings valuable insight into which images will work best for your career.

Step 5: Final Touches and Delivery

  • Professional Retouching: Your selected images will be finely retouched, balancing professional polish with maintaining your authentic look.
  • Efficient Delivery: Final images will be delivered electronically, ready for you to add to your portfolio and share with potential clients.
  • Full Usage Rights: You’ll have the freedom to use your images across all platforms, giving you and your agency flexibility in promoting your look.

Thank you for thinking of Kelly Mooney Photography as you embark on creating or refreshing your model portfolio. I’m eager to work alongside you (and your agency) to produce a collection of stunning, professional images that showcase your talent and open doors to new opportunities in the modeling world. Let’s bring your modeling aspirations to life!