The Process:

  1. Consultation: We discuss your branding and marketing objectives, and outline the goals for your photo session
  2. Storyboard & Location Planning: Working together, we create a visual storyboard and shot list that will guide the session. I’ll further recommend, as well as scout (if necessary) locations to serve as brand-worthy backdrops for your images.
  3. Wardrobe & Styling: After delivering you a “What to Wear and How to Prepare” Guide, we’ll discuss your interest in booking additional services including hair & makeup styling, as well as wardrobe consultation from our A-Team of preferred vendors, and appropriate introductions will be made. 
  4. Prop Procurement: A picture is worth 1000 words, only if the picture is saying something impactful.  Props can turn an ordinary photo into a call to action, simply with the addition of thoughtful props. From something as basic as an iPad or phone, to staged settings with rented accents, we can recommend details, experts and resources to supplement your visual messaging. These extras that also happen to make for great focus shots to weave into your social media stream. 
  5. The Shoot: This is where the fun and magic happens. Whether we’re together for an hour or a day, I supply the lighting and gear, and then guide you and all the participants in composition and posing, and strive to make sure everyone is relaxed and has a great time in the process.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard, “no one has taken a good photo of me,” or “I don’t know what to do in front of the camera.” .. My answer is: Challenge accepted. I’ll guide you and your team the entire way through the process. 
  6. Post Production:  Within days of your session, your best images will be placed into an online gallery for your review and selection. Once you’ve chosen the images corresponding to your package, I will hand-retouch each photo to give it a polished and very natural look. 
  7. Delivery: Your finished, high-resolution photos are delivered to you electronically via, while the rest of your images remain archived in my system indefinitely, should you need additional photos in the future.

Removed glasses glare

Moved sign, reduced flyaway hairs, brightened & smoothed skin

Brightened image, smoothed skin & background paper, fixed hair

Removed background objects, smoothed paper backdrop, brightened image and smoothed skin

Brightened and smoothed skin, reduced flyaways, brightened teeth

Removed hair from around teeth, on cheeks, reduced flyaway hairs

Fixed yellow shirt and straightened jacket

Removed lighting assistant from background, reduced haze, retouched skin