21 01, 2024

Ed Miller

2024-01-21T13:35:10-08:00January 21st, 2024|

Incredibly creative, responsive and fun to work with. Kelly captured our vision to help brand our company. Her prices were very fair and she delivered an exceptional product. I will highly recommend her to business associates, friends and family alike. [...]

21 01, 2024

Patrick Haley

2024-01-21T13:34:48-08:00January 21st, 2024|

Hi Kelly,   Your entire body of work has been outstanding, thank you from me and the entire team!  No edits, the photography is perfect.   All the best,

21 01, 2024

DeAnn Dyer

2024-01-21T13:33:59-08:00January 21st, 2024|

Hi Kelly,   I appreciate you making something that is uncomfortable for me easy and enjoyable. You were a joy today! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thanks,

21 01, 2024

Lauren Elyse Gonzalez

2024-01-21T13:33:35-08:00January 21st, 2024|

Kelly,  When I say that we are in the loss for words I truly mean that. This photography you have sent me still has me in shock. It is so amazing, beautiful, thoughtful and well arranged.  We loooove working with [...]

21 01, 2024

Ben James

2024-01-21T13:31:03-08:00January 21st, 2024|

Kelly, You were great yesterday.  Wow…. And that’s how a photographer works!  I say that having had a few experiences but none as good as yesterday.

21 01, 2024

Paul Dumbauld

2024-01-21T13:13:58-08:00January 21st, 2024|

I absolutely love how the photos shaped up and given how many great shots you got, we opted to not use any stock photos 😎👍 Best,

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